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Located in Toronto's vibrant Danforth shopping district, Tsaa tea shop brings direct to you an array of over 125 globally sourced teas loose leaf teas from the major tea categories: white, green, black, oolong, pu'erh, mate, plus a curated collection of herbal and wellness blends.

Come inside and escape with an aromatic cup of tea in our contemporary café or let our in-house Tea Sommelier help you choose from our selection to take home. It is our mission to help you on your journey to discovering the art of tsaa.

"We loved our relaxing time with great food and beverages..."


From as far back as we remember, every meal in our family ended with a steeping cup of tsaa. After meals it was to aid digestion, when we were sick it was to cleanse impurities, when we over indulged it was to keep us slim; at weddings it was to mark ceremony, and on Sunday afternoons it was a reason to gather with family and friends.

Tsaa was always carefully prepared. From the purity and temperature of the water to the careful measurement, steep times and serving method.
We learned that in order to experience its optimum splendor, each tea required a measured balance of all these factors. This is the art of tsaa as we know it.

And as time moves forward and the responsibility of introducing tsaa to the next generation lay in our hands, we've come to recognize that there are few tea drinkers who really understand the art of tsaa. We hope to change this by sharing our appreciation for tsaa as it was passed down from our ancestors.

I called ahead to ask if they were the kind of place where you have to leave after you finish eating, and they said that I could stay as long as I want!
Lovely little spot, great quality food smallish portions but well worth it. Very good quality teas and selection of baked goods too Family run. I highly recommend the butternut squash soup.
What an awesome family run tea place! Great ambiance in the evenings for dates, friendly chats or even to study...

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